Hailing from Seattle, 22-year old Alda Agustiano aka Chong the Nomad. Her musical career began when she had begun producing music at age 14 and progressed into her college years at the Cornish College of the Arts, where she recently graduated from with a music composition degree at 21 years old. Chong spent much of her college career learning to score films and drew inspiration from her time composing classical chamber music.

Her productions are emotional and liberating, yet manage to hold a strong foundation on the dance floor. She made a graceful introduction with her debut single "you're really pretty", and recently followed up with the LOVE MEMO EP. Love Memo is Chong’s first release as both vocalist and producer, Love Memo stands out as the next evolution for this talented young artist. Her simple yet raw honesty is intricately laced through a lo-fi experiment canvas. Short, sweet, and a little bit bitter, Love Memo is the perfect soundtrack for the hopeless romantic who just can’t seem it get it right.

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